Cute NickNames for Girls

Many females like having nicknames. Especially one that promotes her physical beauty or a certain part of her personality. Women like it when their husbands or boyfriends call them by their special pet name. A lot young girls feel special when they are called by a childhood nickname that helps them to stand out from everyone else. The following information will describe some of the most popular and common nicknames for females that are in use today.

Cute Nicknames for Girls

There are a lot of cute names for girls and many females love to use as many of them as they can. One of the most popular nicknames for girls includes words such as “beautiful”, “sexy”, “cute”, “lovable”, “adorable”, “princess”, “queen” and “lady”. Women and girls love having nicknames that have at least one of these nicknames included in the title.

People also use shortened forms of a female’s name to describe her. For example, a girl name Brianna would simply be called “Bree”, Emma would be called “Em” and an Abigail would be referred to as “Abby”. Sometimes females are simply referred to by the first letter of their name. Females with names such as Chloe would be called “C” and child named Victoria would be called “V”.

Females do receive nicknames based off of their physical appearance. A red hair female could simply be called “Red”. A female with a pretty face and body could be called “sexy momma”. The moniker “Big Bertha” was used a lot during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s to describe extremely obese and tall women. A female with well-shaped body parts could receive a nickname based off those parts of their torso.

Females often receive nicknames that are related to sweets and deserts. Names such as “Cupcake”, “Cookie” and “Candy” are often given to females from each generation. “Cherry” and “Sugar” are also used to describe some females as well. Social media has many profiles has females that use a wide variety of adjectives to describe themselves. Many female profiles have the phrases “the real” or the “the official” in their title.

Females also live to give themselves nicknames. These names are similar to how a rap or music star would called themselves. For example, “Hot Brittney Luv” or “Christie Forever” are just some of the self-given nicknames that females use in real life and on social media.

Pet Nicknames for Girlfriend

When it comes to relationships a lot of women that are involved in one usually has a pet name. Their pet name usually is some term of endearment that is given to them by their man. Names such as “boo”, “lovey or lovely”, “honey pie”, “babe”, “sexy girl”, “sweetheart” and “sweetcheeks” are often used to describe a man’s love for a woman. He also might call her “hottie” or a “snuggle bunny”. A few guys also refer to their women as “mami or mamacita” or “boo bear”.

Girl Nicknames that many Young Females Like

A lot of little girls like names such as “shorty”, “cutie pie” “baby” or “sassy or fancy girl”. Adjectives such as “little or lil” or “cutie” are often used to describe young females as well. “Lil Ms. Sunshine” is a popular nickname that is used for many girls everywhere and so is “princess”.

Old Nicknames are Still Popular

Old nicknames for females are still popular in some circles and with some people. Names such as “hot lips”, “soul mate”, “Tinkerbell”, “sweetness”, “Snookums”, “Pussy Cat”, “Prescious”, “Pooh”, “Sparkles”, “Peaches or Peach”, “Old Lady”, “broad” and “hot moma” are still valued nicknames for adult females. There are many more nicknames that can be used to describe a female. As long as a nickname focuses on an aspect of her beauty and/or personality then most females will be happy with it.

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